Christopher Nolan’s Ultimate Must Watch List

Here are the 30 films the director think you should absolutely see.

We owe him Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, and Dunkirk. There is no need to introduce the forty-eight-year-old director with a 20-year-old career and 38 nominations, Christopher Nolan.

Indiwire recently made a list of the most inspiring movies according to the director based on several interviews. Ahead of the release of Tenet, his next movie with John David Washington and Robert Pattinson which will come out in 2020, we decided to go over that list.


From drama to science-fiction, biopics and fantasy movies, Christopher Nolan proves to be into many genres to find inspiration. Over 30 movies, only two are from the 21st century, and more than half of it was shot before 1980.

A few directors appear twice in the list, such as David Lean, Fritz Lag, Steven Spielberg, Terrence Malick, and Ridley Scott. According to Indiewire, Christopher Nolan said he has always been a fan of Ridley Scott.

Here is the list in the chronological order, from 1924 to 2018:


1. Greed, Erich von Stroheim (1924)

2. Metropolis, Fritz Lang (1927)

3. Sunrise, F. W. Murnau (1927)

4. The Western Front, de Lewis Milestone (1930)

5. The Testament of Dr Mabuse, Fritz Lang (1933)

6. Foreign Correspondent, Alfred Hitchcock (1940)

7. Mr. Arkadin, Orson Welles (1955)

8. 12 Angry Men, Sidney Lumet (1957)

9. Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean (1962)

10. Topkapi, de Jules Dassin (1964)

11. The Battle Of Algiers, Gillo Pontecorvo (1965)

12. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick (1968)

13. Ryan's Daughter, David Lean (1970)

14. Close Encounter Of The Third Kind, Steven Spielberg (1977)

15. The Spy Who Loved Me, Lewis Gilbert (1977)

16. Star Wars, George Lucas (1978)

17. Superman, Richard Donner (1978)

18. Alien, Ridley Scott (1979)

19. Bad Timing, Nicolas Roeg (1980)

20. Blade Runner, Ridley Scott (1982)

21. Koyaanisqatsi, Godfrey Reggio (1983)

22. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Nagisa Oshima (1983)

23.The Right Stuff, Philip Kaufman (1983)

24. The Hit, Stephen Frears (1984)

25. Street of Crocodiles, Stephen and Timothy Quay (1986)

26. For All Mankind, Al Reinert (1989)

27. Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg (1998)

28. The Thin Red Line, Terrence Malick (1998)

29. The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick (2011)

30. First Man, Damien Chazelle (2018)

By Emma Ceccaldi, published on 17/06/2019