Christian Bale Is Transformed Into Dick Cheney In The Trailer For 'Vice'

The actor plays Dick Cheney, the famous vice-president to George W. Bush, and is completely unrecognizable as usual.

His name might not ring a bell, but you're probably aware of the impact of his work. Dick Cheney, the former vice-president to George W. Bush, is well-known for playing an influential role in the US presidency for a period of 8 years. He was, for example, one of the decision-makers behind the operation in Iraq against Saddam Hussein's regime. A strong, influential personality who remains a mystery to the general public. For now.

The excellent Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short) is stepping into the world of the political biopic with Vice, a film which will tell the story of Cheney. He's called on some of the actors from the previous film, including Christian Bale in the starring role. The chameleonic actor has gained a lot of weight in order to resemble the politician as closely as possible. 

Bale will be accompanied by Amy Adams, who will play Lynne Cheney, Dick's wife, as well as Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush and Steve Carrell as Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary to Bush for 5 years.

Far from the common clichés and formulas often used by directors like Oliver Stone, the trailer for the film suggests it will adopt a more efficient rhythm than its peers – and it reminds us a bit of The Big Short. A controversial topic, an original approach and an XXL cast... we're excited.

Vice will be released in the US on December 25 2019.

By Arthur Cios, published on 16/11/2018