Check Out The Disturbing Trailer For Lars Von Trier's 'The House That Jack Built'

On Monday, Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier made his grand return to Cannes Festival after being banned from the event back in 2011 over his Hitler comments. Presenting his 16th feature, the director created almost as much stir this time around, prompting both a standing ovation and over 100 walk-outs with his film The House That Jack Built. His first movie since 2014, the movie was deemed "disgusting" and akin to "spending two hours in hell" by festival attendees. 

While the movie won't be released to the general public for a little while yet, an unsurprisingly disturbing trailer has dropped in the wake of the screening. The film follows 12 years in the life of a murderer (Matt Dillon) and looks as though it could be von Trier's most violent work to date. As if you needed proof of the fact, Uma Thurman is apparently killed off in the trailer... The House that Jack Built hasn't been given a release date yet but you can check out what the critics thought right here

By Arthur Cios, published on 15/05/2018