Big News: A 'Peaky Blinders' Movie Is Currently Being Planned

By order of the Peaky "fucking" Blinders.

© BBC Two

Not satisfied with being the kings of British television (and of the whole world thanks to Netflix), the Peaky Blinders now look likely to continue their scheming on the big screen. While Season 5 is currently being filmed, a veteran of the series has revealed that Steven Knight, creator and showrunner of the Shelby family, is working on the script for a film. The messenger passing on this great piece of news is none other than Otto Bathurst, the director who produced the first three episodes of the show in 2013 and gave the series its gritty feel (for which he won a BAFTA Award).

"I think it's actually being written", the producer confessed to Yahoo Movies UK. "I think Steve, Steve Knight the writer, I think they’re planning something". In reality, the rumors of a feature film focusing on the world of the Birmingham gangsters date back to 2016, when the showrunner mentioned the possibility in a press release. That said, Cillian Murphy, the magnetic actor who plays Tommy Shelby, expressed his reticence to the idea in an interview he gave to Deadline: "I'm sort of ambivalent about it... It’s kind of a sexy idea, but I’ll reserve judgement until the idea is presented to me."

Although Steven Knight is working on the script for a film, he hasn't yet found a director and Otto Bathurst hasn't been contacted by the showrunner for this purpose. To increase the hype surrounding this enticing project, we can now start taking bets on the plot of the film: a prequel about the Second World War which traumatized Tommy? A spin-off about Alfie Solomons with the return of Tom Hardy? A sequel to bring the series, which will have at least seven seasons, to an end? Raise your glasses of gin to the Shelby clan, who still have many long years ahead of them and could even soon appear in a musical.

By Adrien Delage, published on 15/11/2018