Batman: Mahershala Ali Could Be Commissioner Gordon Against Robert Pattinson

Dance of joy!

How good the times are for Mahershala Ali! The brilliant American actor, who has racked up critical successes, Oscars (he was rewarded for the best supporting role in 2017 for Moonlight and 2019 for Green Book) and even roles in excellent series (House of Cards, Luke Cage, True Detective), is now accumulating enticing roles on the comic book side.

After having created the surprise by announcing that he was going to take over the role of Blade, Marvel's best vampire hunter (who will soon join the MCU), the American actor could now take on a cult role from the DC Comics universe. Jeff Sneider, American journalist for Collider, announced in his podcast that Mahershala Ali met Matt Reeves, the director of the future Batman with Robert Pattinson, and that the actor would be the first choice to play the famous Commissioner Gordon.


Even if Sneider is often well informed, we remain careful: the fact that Mahershala Ali also works for the competing team, Marvel, could make things complex. Although it wouldn't be the first time that an actor play on both sides, we have never one cumulating the first role in one and a second role in the other. 

Mahershala Ali would succeed Gary Oldman on the Nolan side and J.K. Simmons on the DCEU side - a well-deserved company. There is only one thing left to do: keep your fingers crossed and wait for a confirmation, which should not take long since the shooting is scheduled for 2020.

Unfortunately, many Internet users complained about the announcement of this not yet confirmed news. "But why?" we wonder. You guessed it: in 2019 some people don't like to see a black actor in the role of a "white character". As if it was no longer fiction, and that we hadn't done that for 30 years in superhero movies.


As if Billy Dee Williams hadn't played Harvey Dent for Tim Burton. Or that Will Smith wasn't playing Agent J in Men in Black (yes, initially, Men in Black is a comic book). Or that Michael Clarke Duncan had not played Kingpin in the Daredevil with Ben Affleck. Or that Halle Berry hadn't played Catwoman in the wrong movie of the same name. Or that Idris Elba hadn't played Heimdall in the MCU. Or that Michael B. Jordan had not played The Torch in the latest version of The Fantastic Four. Or that Zendaya hadn't played Mary Jane Jane Watson in the last Spider-Man.

By Arthur Cios, published on 10/09/2019

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