Apple Flexes Its Muscles With Apple TV+, A Streaming Platform To Rival Netflix

The streaming platform offers access for just $4.99 per month and features original content only.

Netflix, Amazon, Disney… The number of companies putting their money on VOD continues to rise. While we wait for Warner/HBO and Universal to join the race, Apple has been the first to reveal its own streaming platform, Apple TV+, available around the world from November 1.

The platform is markedly different from its competitors due to its lower than average subscription fee, at $4.99 a month compared to $7 for Disney+ and $8 for Netflix (for a single screen). As for the content, Tim Cook announced at the company's 2019 keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater that the platform would contain only original content. 


In order to produce its films, series and documentaries, the American company has called upon some pretty big names. Along with an extensive catalog of series, we'll also find M. Night Shyamalan and Rupert Grint in Servant in December, as well as Octavia Spencer starring in the drama Truth Be Told, and On the Rocks, the latest movie by Sofia Coppola with Bill Murray in collaboration with A24.

Apple TV+ will also feature animated films (Wolfwalkers) and animal documentaries (The Elephant Queen), among other productions. A whole collection of series from all possible genres will be available from November 1, along with a long list of films.

Due to its need to stave off its competitors, Apple cannot allow itself the luxury of unveiling whole seasons in one go, and will instead offer one episode each week. The platform is also likely to space out the releases of its films. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple TV+ will survive in this hostile environment, in which Netflix rules, Disney is gaining ground and Amazon has been making a name for itself in the streaming world in recent months.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Arthur Cios, published on 11/09/2019

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