5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Fight Club'

Fight Club is the story of a guy (Edward Norton) and his bland, lonely life, who meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), an eccentric soap maker. This encounter will totally change his life, as they set up “Fight Club”, a clandestine movement in which men reconnect with their primal rage through bare-knuckle brawling.

To celebrate its eighteenth birthday, David Fincher’s cult movie is being restored to full 4K glory. Although today it is safe to say that everybody's seen the movie, there might be some aspects of the story and other anecdotes that you still don’t know.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight Club. (Image: Splendor Films)


Peter Jackson was contacted to direct the project (as were Bryan Singer and Danny Boyle)

When the project to adapt Chuck Palahniuk’s eponymous novel was launched, David Fincher was not the studios’ first choice. They asked Peter Jackson first. At the time, he hadn’t reached planetary fame directing the Lord of the Rings trilogy yet and it was precisely because he was getting ready to shoot The Fellowship of the Ring that he had to decline.

The studios also approached Danny Boyle, but he was working on something else (The Beach), as well as Bryan Singer. In the end, it was the keenness and the motivation that Fincher was showing for the project that clinched the deal.

Russell Crowe should have played Tyler

The star of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator was first slated to play Tyler Durden, until one of the producers, Art Linson, met Brad Pitt (read all about it in Sharon Waxman’s book: Rebels on the Backlot: Six Maverick Directors and How They Conquered The Hollywood Studio System).


Using his considerable influence, Linson decided to hire him. It was just what Brad Pitt needed after the commercial failure that Meeting Joe Black had been and the decision paid off: Tyler Durden became one of the most important roles of his career.

Jared Leto aka Angel Face should have looked even more beat up

Besides the removal of the "abortion" line, the only other notable cut that was made in the film is a quick shot of Angel Face's nose being, literally, split open down the centre as Jack pummels him. The prosthetic that Leto had to wear was so gruesome that other crew and cast members were seen avoiding him on set that day.


Death to the Beetle!

Apparently, the two main actors discovered a common hatred for Volkwagen's new Beetle model. They thought that:


"It's a perfect example of the Baby Boomer generation marketing its youth culture to us. As if our happiness is going to come by buying the symbol of their youth movement, even with the little flower holder in the plastic moulding. It's appalling to me. I hate it".


As the movie was about anti-consumerism, the two actors asked for a new model Beetle be included in a wrecking scene so that they could bash one with a baseball bat.



Gimme coffee!

Those of you with a keen eye probably noticed the proliferation of Starbucks coffee cup throughout the movie. David Fincher did not choose this particular brand at random: present in dozens of countries around the planet, Starbucks is one of the largest companies in the world.

The company, run by Howard Schultz, is considered by many as the epitome of consumer society and is in itself a pop culture symbol. This is why the director slipped so many Starbuck cups into his film, something Starbucks didn’t mind, seeing this as free advertising rather than a critique of its products.

Fincher had initially planned to have a Starbucks outlet blown up at the end of the movie though and that didn’t sit well at all with the company, which didn’t allow the scene to be filmed.

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By Pauline Mallet, published on 27/07/2017

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