Kim-Jong Un’s Personal Photographer Fired For Standing Too Close To Him

The North-Korean leader apparently fired his personal photographer for coming up close and hiding his neck.

It looks like Kim Jong-Un is not an easy model to photograph. And his last photographer learned it the hard way. The supreme leader allegedly fired him for insulting his dignity. According to the Daily NK, a south-Korean newspaper dedicated to the news of its northern neighboring country, a source based in Pyongyang reports that the man named Ri was fired and kicked out of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) for hiding Kim Jong-Un’s neck.

There are several rules to follow when one is in charge of photographing the North Korean dictator. It is forbidden to take pictures of him up front, one must keep a two meters distance and more importantly: never hide a part of his body from the audience’s view.


An Act "damaging to the Supreme Dignity"


The personal photographer was following the leader on March 10 during a visit of a polling station for the elections of the Supreme Popular Assembly of the country. For three seconds, his flash hid Kim Jong-Un’s neck from the crowd.

A video published by the media DPRK Today shows the photographer in front of the leader. Ri was part of the Korean Art Film Studio and was fired two days later by the studio, which said the incident had been "damaging to the Supreme Dignity".

By Sirine Azouaoui, published on 22/05/2019


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