Here Is What The Perfect Instagram Girl Should Theoretically Look Like

Paper Magazine has summarized the beauty criteria of the 100 most-followed people on the platform.

If Instagram is the kingdom of influencers, who could be its queen? What does the perfect influencer look like that everyone would like? Paper Magazine created the ideal face according to Instagram, by synthesizing the criteria of the 100 most-followed people on the platform. The result is not very surprising since it does not really deviate from the dominant beauty criteria of Western societies.

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First of all, this ideal person is a woman (in any case, it is mainly women's profiles that occupy the top 100 positions among influencers). She is also white, young and American.

To arrive at this result, the computer graphics designer Nicolas Rapp took into account several criteria, such as age, geographical origin, ethnicity, the themes covered by the account and even astrological signs, excluding however all the influencers who became famous outside Instagram - so exit the stars of the song or reality show, the viners and other YouTubers.

Los Angeles, Capital Of Influence

Young white American women dominate this top 100 and most of them have beauty, fashion, and modeling as their main interests. As for the geographical origin, it can be noted that more than a third of these influencers live in Los Angeles. Paper Magazine nevertheless points out that Brazil is particularly well ranked in the list.


The most followed influencer is Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty), with 36 million followers watching her videos and make-up photos. In the list of the most popular players, we also find poker player Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian),  whose account revolves around his muscles and images of naked women, or Venezuelan actress Lele Pons (@lelepons). To make a product placement with one of its super influencers, a brand must pay at least $20,000.


By Sirine Azouaoui, published on 12/08/2019


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