Discover Your Tattoo Horoscope For 2018

A new year is usually the best time for a new beginning, and getting some fresh ink can be an empowering way to start the journey. However, choosing a design is probably one of the toughest parts of getting a tattoo and prevents many from doing it in the first place.

To make sure you can live out your dream and have a meaningful symbol inscribed on your skin, we asked astrologer and author of Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos, Lisa Barretta, to give us some tips on how to choose a design that's deeply linked with our personality and soul. According to Barretta:

"Tattoos are not only an expression of your authentic self, but also empowering tools that support the manifestation of your intentions, dreams, desires, and crossing new thresholds for the new year."

Below, we share a horoscope that Lisa created for our tattoo-obsessed readers that will tell you more about what colors, styles and placements best support your astrological archetype and cryptically embrace your inner truth. Read on!

Aries ♈

Aries are dynamic, impulsive, and always up for new challenges. Crossing new thresholds is second nature to Aries. Their 2018 tattoos should embody the transformative power of their fire sign and ignite the powerful inner leader.

Recommended design: blackwork band(s)
Location: on the upper arm
Color scheme: black and red

Taurus ♉

Tauruses are decisive, logical, and diligent. They are the magicians who materialize with powerful determination and caring purpose. Tauruses should embrace the new year with earth element symbols to infuse them with strength, patience, and abundance that will last well beyond 2018.

Recommended design: a minimalistic tattoo of an elephant, trunk turned up for luck
Location: the back of your neck
Color scheme: shades of green and brown

Gemini ♊

Geminis believe that life should be lived to the fullest, with fun and pleasure. They are blessed with being able to change and adapt making sure every day brings something new and exciting. The natural jester in Geminis allows seeing the lighter side of any problem. Geminis should consider a contemporary tattoo to show how they embrace the ever-changing wheel of life.

Recommended design: an air element symbol, such as a dragonfly
Location: on your wrist
Color scheme: graded shades of blue and orange

Cancer ♋

Cancers are naturally intuitive, sensitive, and dedicated. They are the caregivers who lead with their feelings. Cancers are like human scrapbooks, holding on to memories in a changing new year. They should consider getting a water element to symbolize ideas such as life, change, and the realm where ancestors reside.

Recommended design: a wave
Location: upper chest
Color scheme: blue and black

Leo ♌

Leos are loyal and enthusiastic, as well as creative and charismatic. They don’t shy away from being the center of attention. As the zodiac’s creative visionary, Leos will rule over the new year. They should express the fiery energy of their essence with a tattoo that signifies them being the center of an ever-expanding universe.

Recommended design: a mandala or a geometric tattoo
Location: between your shoulders
Color scheme: deep red and purple

Virgo ♍

Virgos are practical and clearheaded, but also sticklers for detail. They are the wise sage who approaches every new year with a plan and purpose. Virgos should pick an earth element to symbolize security, stability and being grounded. The aesthetics should exude immaculate precision and two-dimensional, crisp imagery.

Recommended design: an anchor
Location: on your ankle
Color scheme: bold color palette and black

Libra ♎

Libras are idealistic, unprejudiced, just, and charming. They are truth seekers and wise judges who look to have a balanced year ahead. Libras should consider a tattoo in a new school style.

Recommended design: Maat, the winged Ancient Egyptian deity of truth, justice, and balance, with outstretched wings
Location: below your neck
Color scheme: vivid colors and black

Scorpio ♏

Scorpios are mysterious and possess the uncanny ability to rise from the ashes. Their burning intensity and determination say "game on" for the new year. As rulers of interlocking mysteries, Scorpios' ink reflects the never-ending cyclical motif of death and rebirth. Their next project can also be a nice starting point for an eventual half-sleeve arm tattoo.

Recommended design: a skull-clock morph tattoo
Location: on your shoulder
Color scheme: black and grey

Sagittarius ♐

Sags are insightful, brave, optimistic, adventurous, and always on a quest for truth. Their optimism and sense of humor will see them through yet another year of exploring both the inner and outer worlds. Sagittarius' 2018 tattoo should reflect their intuition and burning desire for truth and adventure.

Recommended design: a lightning bolt
Location: on your calf
Color scheme: black

Capricorn ♑

Capricorns are practical, reliable, and believe that anything can be achieved with hard work. They are the good neighbor who tries to relate to everyone. Structuring the year around solid goals is important to Capricorns. They should consider geometric/dotwork tattoos, inked on their root chakra, to keep them forever grounded.

Recommended design: a tattoo featuring circles (relationships) and squares (stability)
Location: lower back
Color scheme: monochromatic

Aquarius ♒

Aquariuses are progressive, independent, and at times rebellious. They are the first to sniff out an up-and-coming trend for the new year. Aquariuses should consider fine line tattoos that show how they embrace the world of diversity and symbolize creativity without ego.

Recommended design: sigils, celestial bodies, arrows, feathers, small alchemy symbols
Location: on your fingers
Color scheme: deep indigo

Pisces ♓

Pisces are psychic, imaginative, elusive, and ever-changing. They are the soulful innocents who still believe that magic works. Pisces' new year consists of thirteen lunar months filled with opportunities to find their soul’s purpose in the material world. True hippies at heart, Pisces should consider hand-poked tattoos to enhance their mystical connection with the universe.

Recommended design: chakra symbols
Location: along your spine
Color scheme: brown and rainbow colors

Writer for tattoo and art related medias, as well as author of crime novels. I live in Paris.