@YoungThugAsPaintings IG Account Finds The Rapper Imitating Art


Another day, another Instagram account to refuel our hope in humanity. Today's stand out account comes in the form of @YoungThugAsPaintings, an on-going IG project that compares rapper Young Thug to historic art.

22-year-old Dutch student Hajar Benjida is the genius behind the account. She began working on her portfolio of Thugger x renaissance art as part of a school project. She explains to The Fader:

"I actually had no idea what to do for a school project... and the lazy person I am I really took my chance on this one. It was mainly the cover issue of Thugger for Dazed. The photos shot for this issue literally look like paintings.

This was the first comparison I made. Also the album art choices for his mixtapes are really interesting and I like hip-hop to be the subject of my art/photography."

Merging images from classic artworks such as Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to Botticelli’s “Venus” or William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "The Holy Women at the Tomb," the account is doing a bang up job illustrating how (Young Thug's) life imitates art.  

As Thugger fans know, the rapper is often associated with being a work of art himself. Fans have been notoriously eager to point out how the rapper uses his actual voice as an instrument, an uncommon remark to make within rap. 

In terms of style, Thugger has created a cult following due to his fearless sense of fashion and unconventional, non-binary tastes. Last year, the artist notoriously posed for his Jefferey album cover in a Alessandro Trincone floor-length dress. 

Trincone is quoted as believing the construct of gender and gender-appropriate garments is faulty. He explains in his bio, "The androgynous identity of my inspirational garments reinforces my belief of no-gender boundaries between men and women."

Thugger went on to make a similar statement when he was part of a Calvin Klein campaign: "I feel like there’s no such thing as gender."  

Clearly, Thugger's open-mindedness to expression in all forms makes him that much more of a work of art. If you're still questioning it, then just see him paired up next to classical greats below.