New Yeezy Season Lookbook Is Fake Paparazzi Shots Of Kim K


The Kardashian-West clan is a whole new commodity in this era of public spectacle and obsession. Kim Kardashian in particular, most known for her reality television series alongside her family, is easily one of the most visible people on the planet.

Not only is her relevance undeniable, it's been used by hundreds of companies as a marketing strategy to further their own visibility as well. Now, she's bringing that visibility home as the face of husband Kanye West's Yeezy Season 6

In a flurry of social media posts specifically on Twitter, we find Mrs. Kardashian-West publicized in a series of paparazzi shots while adorning exclusively the Yeezy Season 6 line. Familiar silhouettes are conveyed in the collection, including skin tight monochrome numbers which have become synonymous with the Yeezy brand. 

In prior years, the Yeezy Season line has been critiqued for a number of things. Specifically back in Season 4 when Kanye put out a casting call for "multi-racial women only," insinuating that multi-racial individuals don't come in all shades as opposed to the light skinned "exotic" association most people make when they think of people who have a family lineage from varying backgrounds. 

Case in point, this is much of what was seen on the eventual Season 4 runway– which happened to be a disastrous mess of models fainting and unable to walk in the footwear among other monstrosities. However, Yeezy seems to have decided to take the Season 6 presentation in a whole other direction, opting to drop a unofficial lookbook using his wife front and center. 

In the early days of her career, Kim offered her tiny 5'3 frame to a number of advertising projects, including that weight loss pill Quick Trim, Skechers sneakers and even a sensual Carl's Jr ad campaign.

Today, Kim K finds is far, farrr more reserved in terms of where she lends her name, keeping things as in-house as can be. With this in mind, it makes sense that the now Hollywood power couple would collaborate on a creative project of this variety. 

Playing off of Kim's high visibility, the  reality star and entrepreneur plays coy in a series of shots unveiled on her Twitter feed alongside the #Yeezy hashtag.


After seeing the culmination of the shots all together – all of which give nods to normy behavior, i.e. ‘FedEx Run #Yeezy’, ‘Smoothie Run #Yeezy’, 'Phone Call #Yeezy,' ‘McDonald’s Run #Yeezy' – it becomes wholly clear that this is a marketing ploy cooked up by the Yeezy camp. 

Is it mind-bendingly ground-breaking? That's definitely arguable. But is it super original and probably yet to be done on this type of caliber? You better believe it.

While some are questioning what's even real about this couple if their paparazzi shots are even fake, others are reveling at the continued downplayed genius they're clearly capable of encapsulating in order to keep us talking about them time and time again.