Wu-Tang Clan Is Bringing Back Their Famous 90s Clothing Line

Wu-Tang Clan's famous clothing line Wu-Wear is making a comeback! According to XXL magthe brand's creative direction has been taken over by two German designers, Donaldson Sackey and Sainey Sidibeh.

The designers plan to bring Wu-Wear back by launching a new collection that will be available in late summer 2017. The collection will be called "Renaissance" and will include ten new pieces.

As the article explains, their goal is to "revitalize the vibes of the 1990s as well as incorporate some new designs into the brand."

In the 1990s, Wu-Wear was revolutionary for fans of hip-hop because it was the first brand to ever be launched by a rap group. At the time, wearing Wu-Wear was a whole lifestyle called "Wu Style."

The original Wu-Wear aimed to show it was possible to create your own clothing line without compromising yourself by reaching out to financial partners.

At the time, lots of rappers were partnering with brands like Run-DMC with Adidas, and LL Cool J with Troop. Today, more and more rappers are creating their own clothing lines like Nekfeu's Seine Zoo Records and Booba's Ünkut.

But even today, Wu-Wear remains the most iconic brand to come out of the hip-hop community. Until the line is officially launched later this summer, you can check out a few items from the collection on Instagram.