Witches Of Color Will Meet In DC To Cast Spells Against Donald Trump


On January 20, 2018, witches of color from around the globe will gather in Washington, DC in order to cast spells and send hexes toward Donald Trump. The announcement comes straight from intersectional feminist media website Wear Your Voice which explains the need to band together through magic in the face of threats against marginalized peoples. 

Written by site editor Asé, the call to arms details background on the importance of bringing together witchcraft-practicing POC. In the announcement, Asé explains:

(via: Giphy)

"Beyond the common narratives of white witches, different forms of magick remain a strong cultural practice for BIPOC throughout this nation — as witches of color, our magic is healing, and it is rooted in the power of our ancestors who passed down their knowledge to us over the hundreds of years of white supremacist oppression."

Using choice vocabulary to help better express the group's sentiment, the essay outlines witches as healers, which in many indigenous and traditional cultural settings for POC, these things go hand-in-hand. The call to arms further seeks to conjure, "brujas and workers across the country to join WYV in our nation’s capital to dance Trump out of the oval office."

"The same misogynistic and white supremacist forces that have worked hard to historically discredit the daring and indispensable work of witches are wreaking havoc every day, and since the official passing of the presidential baton to 45, appear to be even more emboldened."

With clear plans to partake in rituals with the direct goal of removing Trump from his presidential duties, these witches are basically doing the Lord's work.

The gathering is set to take place on the anniversary of Trump's inauguration. If you're interested in lending your majestic hand or would like to know more about the movement, you can find more information on the group's website, here

(via: Giphy)