Winona Ryder Doesn't Get Social Media, Thought Snapchat Was Chips

Awkward chic, angsty angel, badass babe ... Winona Ryder has been and always will be one of the coolest people ever. But this doesn't stop her from also being an adult.

Even though she doesn't look anywhere near 44 years old (!), she is. And, as with some other 44-year-olds, she doesn't totally get all the technology us young folk are playing around with, which is evident in a new hilarious interview with the actress.

In a Variety interview with both Ryder and her Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), it was revealed that Winona doesn't quite get social media – Snapchat in particular – despite being a fave on all our Tumblr and Instagram feeds.

Brown, a 12-year-old actress with a buzzcut, confessed that Ryder once mistook Snapchat for a brand of chips – a hilarious yet understandable mistake for someone who doesn't use social media at all.

Winona Ryder and her Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown (Photo: TCA)

Winona Ryder and her Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown (Photo: TCA)

After Brown told the interviewer that "She thought Snapchat was chips," Ryder responded with the best excuse. She said:

“Because in Heathers we had the Snappy Snack Shack. It was the 7-Eleven place. I thought [Snapchat] had something to do with food.”

Brown had other ideas, though. A frequent user of Twitter – she posted a video of the first time she had her head shaved, for the viral sci-fi series Stranger Things on the social network – she confessed that not only did Winona not have a clue what Snapchat was, she also got shit-scared from the bee filter. Brown said:

"We were doing Snapchat on lunch. I have the best picture of her, with the bee [filter]. I got you at the right time. She got so scared."

So there you have it. Even the coolest adult ever doesn't get everything us kids do.

(Photo: ELLE)

(Photo: ELLE)

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