Why Did Drake Decide To Invest In Brooklyn's MatchaBar?

A few days ago, Drake became an investor in magical green tea purveyor MatchaBar. We don't have much else to say about that, so we decided to write a little fan fiction on why Drake loves healthy tea so much.

Surrounded by his entourage, the king of Canadian rap is headed to Hawaii. He's got the luxurious resort, a helipad on his yacht, plans to go deep-sea fishing, but it's not enough. Drizzy just isn't in the mood. 

Brooding in his hotel room, the rapper decides to watch the Instagram story for Honolulu to pass the time. And that's when he sees it. 

The clean, American dream tea

From appearing in Hollywood Girls to gathering 2.2 million followers on Instagram, we have to say Caroline Receveur knows how to work it.

In Hawaii for a photo shoot, the lifestyle blogger is right in the middle of a meditation session when her phone starts to buzz. Drake has just liked one of her photos. After two cups of detox tea, she DMs him: "I have a boyfriend, but I love working out to 'Know Yourself.'"

Winning the heart of the Queen of Detox

Used to being the guy on the side, Drake doesn't back down. He loves a challenge (and being sad in his hotel room). After asking his manager for a PowerPoint presentation about his crush, he realizes there's only one way to her heart.

He has to become the King of Matcha to win over the Queen of Detox.

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