This Wes Anderson-Inspired Airbnb Is Perfect For Cinephiles


Oh, Canada, why you gotta be so great? What with your free national parks passes, charming Prime Minister and well just some pretty beautiful scenery, we can't help but be a little jealous. 

So if anyone is planning a trip, specifically in the County of Prince Edward near Ontario, this Wes Anderson themed house could be just the place. Paying homage to the striking aesthetics and twee sensibilities of Wes Anderson's films like the Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums the house is a cinephile's dream. 

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Boasting two bedrooms and a garden, each room is inspired by one of Anderson's films, explains host Dayna in the Airbnb description. 

Fans of Anderson's films or even just his color palette will be impressed with the little additions, such as Margot's fur coat hanging in the corner of one bedroom, or the living room which is inspired by the S.S. Belafonte in The Life Aquatic. 

Starting at $140 a night, it's not even mega expensive, but with well maintained themed properties like this being ever so popular, if you are keen it would be wise to book well in advance. 

If you can't visit Mr. Anderson's House, at least you have the real Wes' new film Isle of Dogs coming to cinemas on March 23, 2018.

Mr. Anderson's House (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

Moonrise Kingdom (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

Moonrise Kingdom (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

S.S. Belafonte from The Life Aquatic (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

Margot's bedroom (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

Rushmore office space. (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)

Grand Budapest Bathroom (Photo: Airbnb/ ARAS Imaging)