We'll Trade In All Our Friends To Be A Part Of This Furry Squad


We know, we know, cute articles about cute pictures of cute animals is not exactly the hard-hitting journalism you set out for when scrolling through your Facebook feed (sense the irony?). But when positive vibes are running low, it's the perfect solution to restore, at least for a short while, your faith in this dreary, fucked up reality so let's go!

Introducing Watson, Kiko and Harry, aka @wat.ki, a unique trio of two golden retrievers and a "silly cat" whose adorable Instagram photos are giving us all the feels and yes, we're aware of how 2015 this phrase is but still, OMG, look at themmm... 

Living in Washington state with their human Jennifer, the squad are famous on the internet not only for their irresistible naptime shots but also the inspiring story of Watson helping his brother Kiko, who is a rescue, battle anxiety with hugs. Speaking to Dodo, their owner said:

"It’s like Watson knew that Kiko needed support, so he started to always lay by him and help him get more of his confidence back. Kiko is still a work in progress but at least now he feels more comfortable at home."

The cat, Harry, was the last to join the team but by no means is he an outsider. The furry friends like to cuddle and hang around the house together – looking at them you can't help but want to call your buddies and be like "heyyy wassup I missed you."

Check out more snaps below and remember, you'll get by with a little help from your friends.


Peace and love... ❤️