This Instagram Shares The Ugliest Products From Around The Web

Since Instagram is overflowing with perfect, beautiful photos posted by influencers with idyllic lives, it's important – maybe even critical – that we inject a little dose of ugly into our social networks.

And for that, we can count on Ugly Design, an Instagram account that posts images of the ugliest and most bizarre objects to ever grace the internet.

On Ugly Design, you can find cowboy boot-sandals, a clock made out of cigarette butts, asymmetrical thongs for men, and even padded underwear to give you intentional camel toe. 

It's all ugly and all fascinating. Every object will make you wonder: Who the hell designed this? Who approved and funded the idea? Who produced it? Where do they sell these? Who in the world is buying them? Serious existential questions for our modern times.

But whether the account turns is into the great thinkers of the 21st century or not, you can be sure the WTF assortment will add a touch of humor to your timeline.