Uber Eats Is Offering Singletons Discount Kebabs This Valentine's Day

Last year, Uber Eats found that a solitary doner kebab sandwich was their "most ordered" Valentine's Day dish – and with nine in ten single people admitting they are "dreading" this year's romantic date, the humble kebab could be set to experience another bumper year in 2018.

But, in a bid to help singletons make a meal of their day, the food sharing app is offering these lone wolves a discount on a couple kebabs – providing they share it with a mate.

(Image: Konbini / Dr Carl Russell via Pixabay)

Starting on February 14, the five-day promotional campaign will offer consumers 'Buy One Get One Free' on doner kebabs and other selected dishes from restaurants across the UK.

The "BFF Weekend" serves as both a celebration of friendship and a way to console the 18% of people who plan to comfort eat at home alone this Valentine's Day.

"While many lovebirds will be out wining and dining on the 14th, this year we want to make the Valentine period all about celebrating friendship and love whether you’re in a relationship or not," Uber Eats General Manager Toussaint Wattinne writes in a press release.

"So if you’re still holding out for your soulmate or simply want to show your friends how much you care, ditch the single doner kebab and enjoy two meals for the price of one with your bestie"

Research conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) claims there over 23 million people in the UK who are on their lonesome (either single, divorced or widowed).

This means a "whopping 49%" of the population are essentially ostracized from traditional Valentine's Day celebrations.

An Uber Eats poll has also discovered that the majority (93%) of singles absolutely dread the romantic climax of the year as it makes them feel lonely or they feel it's too commercialised.

Furthermore, 18% say they comfort eat to cheer themselves up, and one in ten (11%) hibernate at home to avoid the love heart overload at all costs.

With a third (33%) of singles saying they wish they could spend it with friends instead, Uber Eats is encouraging singles to band together to celebrate single life with the BFF Weekend.

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