Tyler, The Creator Teamed Up With Converse To Design Your Next Pair Of Sneakers

It's no secret: in addition to his love of music, Tyler, The Creator is super passionate about fashion – well, as long as its colorful.

Since creating his brand Golf Wang in 2010, the multi-talented creative has come up with a wide range of clothing and accessories in happy colors, whether they're printed with gooey donuts or fighting neo-Nazis.

The California's design career hit a peak on June 11, 2016 when he held his very first show, Tyler's Golf Wang Fashion Show, during which he promised all 2,100 spectators a pair of shoes from his future sneaker collection.

Feeling inspired after the experience, the 26-year-old is now lending his overflowing imagination to Converse to create a series of collaborations.

For their first project, they've created a limited edition of the legendary One Star sneaker, in a shade of blue called "Clearwater." The rapper specifically chose the color, and also came up with a sole covered in bright sunflowers (the same ones you see in the visuals that accompany Scum Fuck Flower Boy.)

To celebrate this new collaboration, the 2,100 people who attended Tyler's Golf Wang Fashion Show last year will receive a pair of One Star sneakers in a special box with messages from Tyler. 

The collab is also being promoted with a quirky video directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler's alter ego). For those of us who weren't at the show last year, we can head over to GolfWang.com or Converse.com on July 13 to purchase a pair of One Stars for 100 dollars.

La One Star "Clearwater" imaginée par Tyler, The Creator. (© Converse)

The One Star in Clearwater designed by Tyler, The Creator. (© Converse)

© Converse

© Converse

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