Twitter Thinks Animals Can See Pokémon IRL And The Evidence Is Undeniable

Pokémon Go has quickly taken over every aspect of our lives, and although it was launched in Japan only last Friday, users have already come up with a strange conspiracy theory about it: animals can see Pokémon IRL.

Over the weekend, Poké trainers have been posting evidence of their animals looking directly at the invisible Pokémon on Twitter – and by "evidence" we mean "coincidence" – but although we know they can't really see them, it was enough to raise some doubts.

Naturally, the disappointing truth is that the creatures only exist within the game, but maybe it's your cat/dog/hamster/parrot's way of joining into the craze. Or maybe it's their way of telling you that you haven't fed them all day because you've been too busy playing Pokémon Go.

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