Trump's Crappy Drawing Of The NYC Skyline Sold For $29,000

A few years ago, Donald Trump sketched out a picture of his beloved New York City. Depicting the metropolis where the current POTUS developed his empire, the doodle, unsurprisingly, puts his Trump Tower slap bang in the middle of the NYC skyline.

Today, after finally being persuaded to set up shop in the White House, it seems Manhattan is still bringing in a packet for the business magnate. Because on July 27, Trump's drawing (in the loosest sense of the word) was sold off at auction for almost $30,000 at a Los Angeles auction house specializing in autographs and memorabilia. 

(Photo: Nate D. Sanders Auctions)

As the New York Times reports, bidding started at $9,000 before eleven further bids brought the total value up to $29,184. Speaking to the publication in a phone interview, auction house founder Nate Sanders said of the sale:

"You wouldn’t find $29,000 for a presidential autograph except for when you’re going back to the founding fathers or Abraham Lincoln.

It’s an extremely high price, and it’s pretty much unprecedented for a modern president. Trump has that ‘wow’ factor."

Apparently, the drawing was sketched back in 2005 as part of a charity benefit against illiteracy, so at least that's something. As a PR director at the auction house explained: "People will bid a lot of money for controversial political leaders’ artwork." Clearly.

In funnier art news, the Twitter handle @Trump Draws is still alive and well. Set up just after Trump's move to the White House by an LA-based visual effects designer, the account regularly shares GIFs of the president showing off some of his very best work. Check out some of the most inspired pieces below:

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