Tiffany's New 'Everyday Objects' Line Is The Least Relatable Thing Ever


Shopping for Christmas yet? Well then, Tiffany's has a whole new collection dedicated to "melting hearts" and making everything around you "brighter, more beautiful and more exciting." Or, in a more realistic sense given what it actually is, remind you what a pathetically broke muggle you actually are.

Yes, see, part of Tiffany's holiday gift offering is the Everyday Objects line stocked with such ordinary things like cups, shoehorns, bowls, etc. What's not so ordinary is the price tag on each of these objects, like, for example, the $350 rose vermeil Crazy Straw, a $1,000 sterling silver Tin Can or a $300 yo-yo.

The items in the collection are sooooo ridiculously overpriced that many can't believe Tiffany's is for real. According to the Huffington Post, the jewelry company didn't return their request for comment so we'll have to go guessing what's the cruel joke behind this.

Whatever it is – a spoof or an actual line of products – it reminds us of the typical rags vs. riches scenario; regular, ordinary people being mocked by the wealthy onepercenters. As the Twitter Moments section aptly states, Tiffany's 'everyday objects' line feels like a middle finger to the non-rich.

Shop the collection here if your piggy bank is stuffed with gold. For everyone else, here are some of the best tweets addressing the situation: