'Thong Jeans' Are The Latest WTF Fashion Craze To Confuse The Masses

Another day, another fashion trend to baffle the masses. Today's installment in WTF fashion comes courtesy of Japanese brand Thibaut, which sent a model down the runway in thong jeans

The out-of-the-ordinary denim design was unveiled at a Tokyo Fashion Week event this month, and is causing quite the stir online for its unconventional nature. Literally, the jeans are a shell of the typical pant silhouette, yet dissected to the point of baring the entire crotch and derriere of the wearer. 

With fashion trends surrounding denim steadily growing to become more and more unusual – let us not forget these backside-bearing Vetements jeans – it feels as though less is quickly becoming more. 

Inside-out jeans, half jeans with one leg and even plastic jeans are all a Google away if you want more validation of this wonky trend. However, the 'weird for the sake of being weird' fashion doesn't seem to be striking a posi chord with everyone. 

Twitter of course had their own thoughts on this conundrum, with some passionate opinions coming to the forefront:

Welp, as we see, they're not for the shy or faint of heart, however, we know it's only a matter of time before we catch some avant garde A-lister sporting them. Who are we thinking? Kendell Jenner? Rihanna? Only time will tell.