This Trend In Thailand Has People Getting Their Lips Surgically Thinned

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While Kylie Jenner popularized lip kits and plastic surgery to make your mouth more pouty in the US, people are trying to do the exact opposite in Thailand.

For the past few days, photos of redone lips have been circulating online after they were posted on a Thai surgeon's Instagram account.

According to Doctor Apple, he invented his own technique for reshaping the upper lip to make it thinner and more defined. All of the reshaped mouths look exactly the same, with a point in the middle of the upper lip, which is apparently considered to be a beautiful feature.

On his Facebook page, the surgeon explains that the procedure only takes 45 minutes and scarring heals after only one week.

Small mouths through history

Even though today, a lot of women throughout the world would rather have a mouth like Angelina Jolie's, in Asia, having a small mouth has always been popular:

  • In China, through several dynasties, having a small mouth was an important aesthetic feature that women tried to achieve with makeup (see images below).
  • In Japan, even today, Geishas reduce the size of their lips using makeup.
  • However, small mouths were also popular in the western world in the 1920s with the "flapper lip" trend.

(Source: © Pinterest)

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