Meet The Clothing Brand Fusing Tattoos With Fashion

The link between fashion and tattoos is constant and is illustrated every day not only by tattoo artists releasing their own lines of clothing but also bigger, upscale couture collections that honor to the creative medium of body art. Russia-based apparel company TATTOOSWEATERS leverages both. 

Founded by stylist, costume designer and fashion editor Anna Osmekhina, the brand "sees clothing as the second skin and tattoos as the only true way to decorate it." Every year, TATTOOSWEATERS releases a line of basic wardrobe – t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, underwear, etc. – that is decorated with visuals from world-acclaimed tattoo artists.

The brand was inspired by Anna's personal disdain for the status quo and the urge to disrupt the local fashion industry. But it was the unlikely connection with a tattoo artist that really kicked off TATTOOSWEATERS. She tells Konbini:

"One day, a really cool tattoo artist contacted me. I instantly felt he was planning a fashion collaboration with me, I even directed the first photo shoot in my mind... But, in fact, he just needed me to help with his scarves collection."

The look of TATTOOSWEATERS is truly contemporary and the inclusive line of clothing has many unisex items. According to their page, the "tattoos" are silkscreened by hand on quality fabrics sourced from FJapan, Italy and Poland. The art comes from international top-notch tattooists, such as Ien Levin. Anna and her team select artists through Instagram.

"We choose artists with recognizable styles and aesthetics. Of course, we try to collaborate with famous artists, but we also like to give a shout out to talented youngsters."

Anna's out-of-the-box project has garnered success with both the tattoo community and the fashion industry, and the brand is now shipping internationally with and also available in some of the most iconic stores in the world including as Colette in Paris and K_3 in Japan.

According to Anna, their next collection will be even more dope and involves a talented Ukrainian tattoo artist as well as a famous Italian fashion brand. To learn more about TATTOOSWEATERS, visit the brand’s website and follow them on Instagram:

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