The Best Social Media Reactions To Trump Calling Hillary A 'Nasty Woman'

Despite delivering what was widely considered his best of three volatile debate performances, Donald Trump still managed to thoroughly self-sabotage his dwindling chances at the presidency by reinforcing the perception that he is a sexist.

While his unprecedented and dangerous disrespect for the peaceful transition of power between administrations ("I'll keep you in suspense...") generated the most immediate backlash, Trump's gendered epithet directed at Hillary Clinton could be the blunder that drives home the final nail in his campaign's proverbial coffin.

#NastyWoman ignited a social media firestorm, perhaps giving Hillary the fresh gust of feminist wind at her back that she so desperately needs in the final two weeks leading up to election day.

Politicians, celebrities, clothing companies and casual debate watchers alike joined in on the hashtag fracas.

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There were also a number of references to Janet Jackson's 1986 hit single "Nasty," including this awesome remix video that splices Trump's words over the track:

All in all, the #nastywoman phenomenon is a classic example of a feminist re-appropriation of a deplorable insult hurled by a narcissistic, misogynistic, creepy old white dude, converting it into an effective rallying cry, a cause célèbre.

It's unclear why Donald Trump, who has repeatedly claimed he has "more respect for women" than anyone in history, can't stop saying insulting things about them.

Women are the largest voting demographic in our democracy, so maybe Michael Moore is right and Trump never wanted the responsibility of the presidency to begin with? There is no more surefire way to lose an election than to alienate women en masse.

There is already a "Nasty Woman" t-shirt for sale, and the proceeds go towards benefiting women's healthcare by way of Planned Parenthood.

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