These Hi-Tech Sneakers Feature A Display That Plays Your Images And Videos

While we always loved Mart McFly's Nike kicks from the hit film Back to the Future, this is what the future of sneakers really looks like. Say hello to your new favorite shoe brand – ShiftWear.

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The kicks feature a flexible e-paper display that lets users add images or videos from their smartphone via a custom app. A timer lets you choose how long the visual shows for, and while you can buy, sell, download and share designs, the best part is that you can also create your very own.

The base of the shoe comes in six different styles and a wide array of customizable colors giving absolute control to the wearer in all designs aspects: 

"A sneaker that gives the user complete creative control."

The screen is charged when walking and also features a wireless connectivity system. The ShiftWear project was made possible by a successful Indiegogo campaign back in 2015.

(Photo: ShiftWear)

The shoes are available for pre-order, retailing at $500. You can set a pair for yourself for just a half the price, and pay the rest once the shoe is shipped to you. Check out the video below to see them in full action, and get ready for the future:

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