With Selffee, You'll Soon Be Able To Print Selfies On Your Coffee

Forget about your classic mug, that's old school now. What better way to enjoy your coffee than drinking an image of yourself? That's what Selffee (get it?) hopes to make possible very soon. Relying on crowdfunding, the start-up wants to open a coffee shop in New York City that'll satisfy the narcissist in all of us.

The idea is simple: take a selfie with the coffee shop's app and submit the image. A few seconds later, using edible ink, the Selffee machine will print your face on tea, iced coffee, cupcakes, marshmallows and even cookies.


(Photo: Selffee)

To make this possible, Selffee is asking for $30,000 via IndieGoGo. Now two weeks away from their deadline, they've already reached half of their goal! Which also proves millennials love to see their face everywhere.

Before getting into crowdfunding, Selffee first tried the idea for weddings and birthdays, and it was a big hit. For now, the company hopes to open a cafe in New York City but has plans to expend internationally as well. The selfie knows no bounds!

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