Bald Men Are Tattooing Their Scalps To Give The Illusion Of Hair

Hair loss is one of the major worries for men over in the beauty department. When it comes to baldness, vanity really kicks in for a lot of guys who desperately seek for a remedy that goes from hair products to hair implants, to the not so trusty toupee.

But now, there's another game-changing solution: tattoos.

Officially referred to as scalp micro pigmentation, the technique involves replicating your own natural hair follicles and hair color with ink dots to give the appearance of very short, buzzed off hair. It's an illusion, but a very convincing one.

Matthew Iulo, one of the first specialists to apply scalp micro pigmentation treatments in the United States, founded Micro Scalp USA in New York two years ago to great success and has already treated over 3,000 clients, both men and woman. A micro pigmentation treatment at the clinic costs from $2,000 to $3,500.

The effective technique enables people to redesign their hairline and give a new frame to their faces, make thin hair look thicker, and even cover scars. It also requires zero maintenance.

So even if you won't have a prince charming style mane, this looks like a pretty solid alternative to get your hair – and confidence – back. Check out more stories of transformations on Micro Scalp USA's Facebook and Instagram.

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