World's First Clothing Line Made Of Citrus-Based Fabric Combines Beauty & Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer the new frontier in fashion, but it surely is an important one, not to mention very lucrative.

From small, local brands selling ethically made products for prices that make you tear up a little (hello $298 Reformation dresses...), to fast fashion giants like Zara and H&M jumping on the bandwagon with sustainable clothing lines, the need to at least appear like you're saving the environment is big with today's consumers.

Putting a spin on sustainable fashion is the Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo with their 'responsible passion' approach and the first-ever clothing line made of citrus-based fabric.


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)

When life gives you lemons...

To bring their sustainable vision to life, Salvatore Ferragamo teamed up with an Italian company Orange Fiber that produces fabrics from citrus juice by-products that amount to more than 700,000 tons every year in Italy alone. As the company explains on their website:

"We create exquisite sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products that would otherwise be thrown away, representing hundreds of thousands of tons of precious resources.

We envision a new life for these materials, transforming them into refined, ethereal fabrics perfectly suited to the Italian tradition of high-quality fabrics and high fashion."

The companies say they bonded over the shared passion for creative innovation and sustainable design, and that was what birthed the unique Spring/Summer 2017 capsule collection that also features remarkable prints by Italian designer Mario Trimarchi.


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)

"The project reflects ethical values linked to research on sustainability and renewable sources, destined to become the driving force for the future of high-quality Made in Italy fashion."


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)

If you're wondering what the material feels like, it's supposedly soft and light, just like silk. And while it doesn't come at very affordable prices (Orange Fiber cardigan retails at $830), the line is undoubtedly positive news for the world.

Fashion industry's ability to highlight innovation achieved by companies such as Orange Fiber or Parley (adidas sneakers made of ocean waste) or individuals like Jalila Essaïdi (bio-textiles, bio-plastics and bio-paper made of cow manure) by putting it directly in the consumers' hands should not be underestimated.

If we continue to push for sustainable fashion, we simultaneously push for incredible achievements in ecology, environmental protection, waste management and other fields.


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)


(Photo: Salvatore Ferragamo x Orange Fiber)

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