Salvador Dalí's Iconic Mustache Found Intact 28 Years After His Death

It turns out the art world's most iconic mustache is not just immortal in pictures but in real life as well. Following a court order to produce a DNA sample for a paternity test, the body of Salvador Dalí was exhumed from his crypt at the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres, Spain.

Upon examining the corpse, witnesses were shocked to discover the surrealist painter's mustache was perfectly intact – pointed and waxed upright in the "10-past-10 position."

(Photo: Terry Fincher / Stringer via Getty Images)

(Photo: Terry Fincher / Stringer via Getty Images)

Narcís Bardalet, who embalmed Dalí in 1989, described the appearance of the mustache as a "miracle" and described to reporters that the body had become so hard and dry that an electric saw was needed to collect the necessary bone sample. "Salvador Dalí is forever," Bardalet exulted. 

The exhumation was the result of a law suit issued by tarot reader Pilar Abel Martínez who believes she is a daughter of the painter and therefore entitled to a quarter of his estate.

The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation who oversees the museum containing the artist's crypt has been vocally opposed to Martínez's claim, calling the exhumation "entirely inappropriate."

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