This Phone Case Conceals Your Engagement Ring For An Instagram-Worthy Proposal


In other news about things no one asked for but that somehow exist... Rokshok is world's first "smartphone case that conceals and elegantly presents an engagement ring" while allowing to capture the romantic moment on camera in real-time.

Basically, it's a double-sided case with one of the sides folding backward to reveal the hidden ring and place it right in front of the camera lens. According to its creators, Rokshok is arguably the sneakiest way to propose because it's so slim and discreet and allows you to pretend you're just texting or browsing the web.

The case retails at $39.95 (£31) which should be a reasonable price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) shot. Our only concern is focus – knowing the camera, one part of the photo will probably be out of focus so you'll have to decide between your fiance's face or the luxurious diamond ring you got them.

You can pre-order the Rokshok case here. The product is expected to ship by June 2018 – just in time for the wedding season.

(Image: Rokshok)