Rhinos Are Turning The Tables On Poachers By Hunting Them Down First

A presumed poacher has just been outsmarted and "severely injured" by a Namibian rhinoceros who appears to have used Home Alone-inspired tactics to take its revenge. The grudge-bearing rhino is said to have turned the tables on the hunter – sneaking up on him as he attempted to track down the animal for its horns, according to a local newspaper.

(Photo: Alexandra / München via Pixabay)

Luteni Muharukua was lampooned on October 14 after he and a group of alleged poachers had illegally entered the Etosha National Park in northwestern Namibia. They came into the wildlife park with intentions of killing rhinos for their horns, The Namibian reports.

But it all went tits-up when one "appeared from nowhere," surprised the poachers and inflicted a severe leg injury on Muharukua after he fell while fleeing, police officer Simson Shilongo said:

"His friends took and hid him on a nearby mountain, and he was arrested there the next day by the police."

The suspect was arrested the next day and is currently being treated at a hospital under police guard, the Press Association have confirmed. Although their population numbers are increasing, the black rhino is still under threat and remains a "critically endangered" species due to an ever-rising demand for rhino horn.

The World Wildlife Fund claims South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe are home to 95% of the remaining African rhinos, "with a majority found in Etosha National Park."

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