Reddit Thread Explains Why You Shouldn't Have Sex With A Coconut

Way before the days of the internet, tales of horny teens finding 'innovative' uses for fruits and vegetables were all part of pretty standard playground chat. Basically, everyone knew someone who knew someone who had managed to make their own sex toy using just a watermelon and a microwave. 

But what these budding engineers didn't share was what happened when things went wrong. Luckily technology has now advanced to the point where men can finally open up about their virginal romps in total anonymity, thanks to one disturbing Reddit thread. 

Posted as part of the subreddit TIFU (Today I Fucked Up), dozens are taking to the site to share their experiences with one exotic fruit in particular: the coconut

(Photo: Brenda Godinez/Unsplash)

The thread began with one seriously messed up story involving repeated fornication with the same coconut. Needless to say, said coconut soon became a breeding ground for flies with disastrous consequences. 

From there, it only gets worse as one guy says he discovered a coconut allergy halfway through the deed while another gentleman who didn't quite manage to carve out a big enough hole. 

Weirdly enough, the trend has actually taken off with another thread entitled cocofleshlights and dedicated entirely to the cause. The coconut abusers have even come up with their own vocabulary to describe their 'coconutting' experiences. 

While we doubt the authenticity of all the accounts, there is still the very real possibility that some of the stories are true. You can check out a lowdown of the discussion here at your own peril. Be warned: the thread is the very definition of NSFW. 

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