Take A Plunge In This Red Wine Swimming Pool At A Wine Spa In Japan

After a hard day's work, we all know how glorious it is to arrive home, lay on the couch and enjoy a glass of wine silently drowning all of the sorrows.

But now thanks to the Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan, you can take this experience and your love for vino to a whole other level by paying a visit to their wine SPA – wine pools included and all.

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Located in the mountainous area of the Hakone prefecture in Japan, this wine spa-slash-theme park channels all the healing properties of red wine with its wine swimming pools in which you can indulge and relax until you shrivel up like an old prune.

Containing the antioxidant resveratrol, wine is also commonly used in beauty rituals for its anti-aging properties. Healing properties or not, who would refuse cannonballing into a pool of red wine?

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Drinking the Bordeaux or Merlot that a bunch of strangers have been simmering in is your personal choice... However, you can go for the hygienic option and sip the precious red liquid from the 12-foot-bottle gracing the pool.

If indulging in a pool of wine wasn't enough for you, please be informed that you can also enjoy a coffee pool, a chocolate pool, and even a ramen tub!

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If you still need some convincing, just check this guy receiving the ultimate wine experience:

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