Prohibition Is Over: Cranfords, The Worlds First Cannabis Cigarette

After nearly 75 years of Marijuana prohibition public opinion throughout much of the world has begun to shift in favour of legalisation.

Sure, there are still those who fiercely attack the cannabis plant with the same level of vitriol that might otherwise be reserved for murderers and rapists but on the whole global society is changing. And fast.

This year alone has seen the rise of the handheld vaporizer in Europe, the legalization of weed in several American states and a the removal of outdated prohibition laws - both political and bureaucratic - the world over.

Of course, the struggle is real and those in favour of legal pot still have their work cut out, but new, safer and more affordable cannabis products are emerging every day.


One such product that has a legitimate chance of succeeding after legalization ends are Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes, the brainchild of Jason Cranford a grower and "connoisseur of pot" based in Denver, Colorado.

Cranfords are the first highly effective marijuana cigarette on the market and promise to to deliver "an organically grown, additive-free product" to their consumers "in accordance with all legal requirements."

To see how Cranfords are made in the factory, click here. To get your hands on pack (you've got to be in America) it's here. The video below is an 'unofficial fan made' ad for the fledgling brand.

"I don't always smoke cigarette's, but when I do..."

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