People Are Embracing The Unibrow – Here's Why It's A Good Thing

Eyebrows have undergone a massive transformation in the beauty section recently. Only a few years back, the main trend was to pluck them carefully into tightly-shaped strips. Now, the fuller, messier and wilder, the better. 

However, it wasn't  until recently that things took a rather unexpected turn – among daily ridiculous news about feather brows, barbed-wire brows and eyebrow wigs, unibrow made a sudden appearance after Levis featured a male model with visibly merged brows in their ad campaign.

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Confused by the brand's unabashed approach to facial hair, the beauty world started questioning how much potential does unibrow really have in becoming this summer's hottest look?

A simple look at social media and one can argue that Sahores and Levis have unleashed (or rather revived) a new trend in the beauty department as more and more people embrace the once ridiculed patch of hair.

The power of unibrow 

All throughout history, there have been many individuals who were unconcerned about their lush brows and gladly showed them off as an act of rebellion, the New York Times points out.

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous personas to have proudly sport a unibrow. But did she do so because it was 'in'? We guess not. She left things as nature intended because she felt confident in her natural beauty, didn't believe in labels and basically didn't give a damn about what people thought of her.

Basketball player Anthony Davis is also championing the power of unibrow. He was even able to transform it into a marketing strategy and monetize under the motto Fear the brow: "I'm not going to change who I am. It’s me. I guess it just makes me different," he told ESPN in 2012.

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Curiously enough, this time around it isn't women standing at the forefront of the new beauty trend. Men are championing the unibrow, which ultimately is just a disguised version of self-love and acceptance.

By choosing to set the tweezers aside and embrace their natural beauty, dudes are giving the middle finger to society's often absurd expectations towards their look.

As much as beauty trends are ephemeral, the choice to accept and love your trademark features – be it lush eyebrows, unusual skin or unorthodox fashion sense – is an eternally great, positive thing to do for yourself and, potentially, humanity as a whole.

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