A Portland Pizzeria Made A 101-Cheese Pizza To Break The World Record

Why be satisfied with a four cheese pizza when you could have over one hundred cheeses? In Portland, for one day only, cheese fans went nuts at Scottie's Pizza Parlor over the "Centouno Formaggio" pizza for 2 dollars a slice.

The slices were topped with a blend of 55 shredded cheeses, 36 soft cheeses, and 9 dry grated cheeses, then finished off with a mozzarella-stuffed crust.

Owner Scottie Rivera wanted to celebrate Portland's Pizza Week properly by paying tribute to the 99-cheese pizza from the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

With a little research, the pizza maker learned that an Australian had already attempted the pizza, setting a world record at 99 cheeses. To beat the world record, Scottie decided to up the ante to 101 cheeses.

Months of planning

The full list of cheeses is available on the restaurant's website. It's hard to get through the entire list, but it includes French, Italian and locally made cheeses, including Scottie's house-made ricotta.

And apparently this was no easy feat. It took Scottie months of planning to create the pizza. As he explained to Fox News:

“We had to first figure out how much total weight in cheese would be worthwhile for Greg to pull off each block of cheese that he has in the warehouse.

Based on that, we reverse-engineered the balance and proportion we wanted, to dull any overwhelming funky flavors that we might get having a lot of cheese on pizza."

He then went on to describe the final results:

“We figured out this balance between using shredded mozzarella and a blend of all the semi-soft low-moisture shredded cheeses, and then taking all the soft cheeses we could get and then blending them with our house made ricotta.

Any hard dry aged cheeses, we grated finely and then sprinkled on top, and then we came up with the idea to add a baked Parmesan crisp, like a light cracker, that we stuck into the ricotta on every slice.

It gives it a fun textural element and looked cool.”

For the moment, he doesn't plan to redo the experiment, but his goal is to get the 101-cheese pizza into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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