Pornhub Data Offers Some Naked Truth About Our Sexual Behavior Trends


The way we think about, talk about, and actually have sex has changed vastly over decades; we've become far more liberated as a society than we were 100 years ago, discussing what makes us zing is getting easier, and being more open with our sex lives means we can investigate all their ups and downs.

Technology has also had a massive impact. Porn is readily available, for better or for worse, on the internet whenever; sex dolls are slowly creeping into the public conscience, and you'd be alone if you didn't own a sex toy at some point in your life.

Thus, to celebrate its tenth anniversary and to investigate the impact of porn on the modern-day and vice versa, Pornhub has delved deep into the site's orifices, releasing the habits and trends of its viewers.

And given that Pornhub serves 75 million visitors every day, making it the 40th-most-trafficked website in the world, it's got some pretty substantial data.

(Photo: Sara Thisner Lindstedt via New Level of Pornography)

Real data gathered by Pornhub – anonymously, don't fear 😉 – offers an incredible insight into the smut habits of people across the world, and reveals that they're largely affected by what's happening around us.

Porn trends can also reveal what's happening in current affairs, trends and society. While that's surprising, to begin with, it does make sense that how we get off reflects what we think.

Relying on actual porn behaviors and popular search terms, the report carves an accurate example of where we are today with porn.

(Image: Pornhub)

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So, without further ado, here's what we found out about people's current porn habits and what it means.

But the research that demonstrates how porn reflects our time is as follows.

Things change rapidly, especially when it comes to what's on the internet. And seeing as sexual tastes and trends accelerate alongside adapting erotic material, these findings are likely to change in no time.

As The Cut describes the report, "Taken as a whole, this vast trove of smut is the Kinsey Report of our time, shedding light on the multiplicity of erotic desires and sexual behaviors in our midst."

The Kinsey Report was the very first cohesive study of sexual behaviors, headed by none other than Alfred Kinsey. Infamous amongst sexperts, Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research aka the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and is regularly referenced in sexual studies, sex journalism.

But it looks as if the Kinsey Report will have to move aside. The modern day has its own pornographic research in the form of Pornhub.

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