PlansMatter Is Like Airbnb, But For Architecture Snobs


Love traveling but often find it difficult to choose a place that's both affordable, convenient and is gorgeous enough to post on your Instagram? PlansMatter is just the platform for you then.

Founded by Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner, two friends who met in architecture school and have been obsessing about design ever since, PlansMatter is built around the same model as Airbnb and offers the discovery of short-term rentals for "design-savvy travelers." According to its founders, "each property is selected solely for architectural merit, as opposed to luxury or comfort."

The selection of rentals on PlansMatter ranges from architectural hotels to private modernist houses and spans across the world from Canada and United States to Switzerland, Portugal, Scotland, Australia, Japan, etc. The prices don't bite with fancy lodges going for as low as $75 per night.

Each listing has been 'tested' by Lindor and Muellner themselves – they even tell you when and for how long they've stayed there while also giving an elaborate explanation of the space, the location and local sightings.

The website also offers a list of featured architects so you know exactly who's the mastermind behind the beautiful home you're about to book, be it Bjarne Mastenbroek, John Hughes Hall or Frank Lloyd Wright himself. Speaking to Artsy, Muellner said:

"Even though the importance of design is becoming increasingly evident, often times we only experience the thoughtful design of our physical environment at a product design level, or in public architecture.

To experience world-class residential architecture by actually staying in it for a few days [...] is incredibly moving. This experience really lets us understand the positive impact great architecture can have on our day-to-day lives."

However, PlansMatter is still just a discovery website offering you a curated list of best architecture and design wonders without the actual possibility to book through their platform. Upon clicking "Check Availability" button next to the listing of your choice, you'll be directed to a site that offers direct booking. Start planning your next adventure here.