Artist Celebrates Natural Hair By Turning Them Into Cosmic Works Of Art

Somehow in today's world, black women still face stigma and ridicule for rocking natural hairstyles — be it cornrows, 'fros or dreadlocks — and really the only time we talk positively about natural hair is when white people shamelessly appropriate it.

But that hasn’t stopped a new generation of women unapologetically embracing their tresses, giving absolutely no fucks to society’s regards. Such women are the inspiration and subject behind Pierre Jean-Louis'  encapsulating works of art.

In his series Black Girl Magic, Jean-Louis celebrates the beauty of natural hair by transforming his muses' curls and coils into celestial scenes of nature.




Jean-Louis started creating these pictures after seeing Instagram accounts featuring "beautiful black queens rocking their natural hair," he told the Huffington Post.

"I was amazed to see how so many black women are finally letting go of their insecurities and accept themselves for who they are."

Jean-Louis also mentioned that while he edits the photos strictly for fun, he hopes that the series will convey to black women that they should embrace their African heritage.

"I want the whole world to know that Mother Nature is actually black and we wouldn’t be here without her. I want every young black queen to remember that."

From cosmic landscapes with bright hued forests, to stunning floral arrangements, his creations are nothing short of spectacular, and really serve well in shifting the conversation from stigma to beauty.






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