Peen Cuisine's Dick-Shaped Food Portraits Are Everything

After marvelling at the wonders of Dick Latte, we were on the look out for a new way to enjoy phallic cuisine. You can imagine our delight, then, when we stumbled across the exquisitely named Instagram account Peen Cuisine. 

Created by artist and food stylist Lauren Hom, the page (and accompanying blog) is dedicated to all things "food and fucking", in the hope of stimulating our various appetites. 

Each picture comes with its own easy-to-follow recipe, containing just eight ingredients or less, and is aimed at "opening mouths and opening minds." All recipes, sweet and savoury, are vegetarian and come with their own special little touch (a dick: the special touch is a dick). 

For those of you who aren't digging the penis-shaped selection, Peen Cuisine is also looking to extend its dishes to represent women and non-binary folks in the near future. Basically, expect some vulva-inspired baked goods to light up your feeds soon enough. 

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