Oregon And Illinois Propose Bills To Become Safe Havens For Women's Reproductive Rights

If you've been keeping up with recent political occurrences, you'll know that ovaries are essentially under attack.

The conversation regarding women's reproductive rights continues to grow bleak under the Donald Trump Administration, and it's striking smaller governments and activists to act fast in order to protect themselves and their people.

As such, Oregon and Illinois have stepped forward to propose legislation that would expand necessary care for women and their reproductive rights.

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Oregon's Reproductive Health Equity Act currently being proposed would ensure that Oregonians are entitled to reproductive care, even if the Affordable Care Act is repealed as the Trump administration has promised.

This would mean birth control, mammograms screenings, STD checks and all other reproductive care covered in the Affordable Care Act (a.k. Obama Care) would be protected from federal rollbacks, ensuring assistance to women no matter their income or immigration status.

"While Oregon has been a leader on many health care policy fronts, there are still many who have been left behind due to citizenship status, discrimination and the insurance they have," Amy Casso, director of the Gender Justice Program at Western States Center in Oregon, told Refinery29, adding:

"No one should have to go bankrupt or deep into debt because they don’t have affordable reproductive health care."

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In Illinois, advocates have come together in support of House Bill 40 which would guarantee access to reproductive care services, including abortion for all enrolled in Medicaid. Currently, only 17 states even allow state Medicaid funding for abortion.

Lorie Chaiten, director of Women’s and Reproductive Rights Project at ACLU of Illinois, told Refinery29:

"The measure is necessary to ensure that every woman in Illinois can make her own health care decisions and have access to safe medical care, regardless of what happens in Washington, D.C.

Every woman, regardless of whether she has private or government funded health insurance, should have affordable and comprehensive health care coverage that includes coverage for abortion care, so she can make personal health decisions based on what is best for her and her family."

The proposed bills, at the very least, will help set a tone that is proactively concerned with the preservation, acknowledgment and forward movement of women's reproductive rights.

In any case, be reassured knowing there's always somewhere to get your hands dirty or some radical move being made that will continuously flip a middle finger to anti women's rights and antiquated legislation worldwide.

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