Norway Wants To Give Finland A Mountain For Their 100th Birthday

In a gesture that feels like a breath of fresh air in these politically charged times, it seems that Norway's plans to gift Finland a mountain to celebrate 100 years of independence are gaining momentum.

The project, which gained support via Kickstarter, and has since spawned a documentary, wants to move the Norwegian national borders in order to transfer the 4,465-foot high Mount Halti to Finland.

The view from Halti towards Guolasjavri, Norway. (Photo: Jannok/ Flickr)

The view from Halti towards Guolasjavri, Norway. (Photo: Jannok/Flickr)

Speaking to The Localdirector of the documentary Battle for Birthday Mountain David Freid explained that while it may seem like a cute gesture, it's actually a great way to celebrate Finland's independence.

“While we witness the rising tumult along international borders – from Ukraine and Russia, to the South China Sea, to Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico – the idea behind 'Birthday Mountain' is a rare international gesture worth admiring.”

The Independent reports that despite Norway's Prime Minister being for the project, stating that it's "a clear sign that Norway and Finland have a close relationship" the project sadly contravenes with Article 1 of Norway’s constitution which states the kingdom of Norway is “indivisible and inalienable.”

Still here's hoping that the Battle for Birthday Mountain will garner plenty of support for the heartwarming initiative.

Check out the trailer below.

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