This Sleek Electric Bike Has A Battery That Doubles As Boombox

If you've been looking for a way to transform your daily commute into a motivating experience, Noordung's Angel Edition bike that doubles as boombox is the right thing for you.


(Photo: Noordung)

The bike manufacturers based in Slovenia have created a very special electric bike in which the detachable battery transforms into a backup speaker that can play up to 100 hours of music, and is controlled via the owner's phones.

It also serves up as a power station for you to charge your laptop, tablet and phone, and it can even analyze the air quality on your route. Each bike is handmade with carbon composite and the battery can carry you for about 30km per charge.


(Photo: Noordung)


(Photo: Noordung)


(Photo: Noordung)

Selling at approximately $10,400 each (you'll need a hell of a security lock for this one), Noordung is only producing 15 prototypes of the Angel Edition.

According to their website, the lucky owners will then become "our friends, family, ambassadors, advisors and partners. They will be test-riders, debate partners in the future development, and possible first investors in the Noordung company."

Check out the Angel Edition in all of its splendor in the video below:

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