Five Guys Beats In-N-Out As Best Burger Chain In America

A recently-released census conducted by The Harris Poll has a lot of people riled up lately, as it concludes Americans have ranked the Virginia-originated burger chain Five Guys Burgers and Fries as the best in the States.

This is the first time California-based burger chain In-N-Out has been knocked out of its winning position since 2014.

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Comically enough, controversy over burger joints can run pretty deep for many Americans, especially those in states housing both of the top two contenders. Like sports teams, rival burger chains can provoke pack mentality with all that beef to drool over.

Alternatively, for east coast natives, seeing New York's Shake Shack land at number three was probably a welcomed delight, as the once Madison Square Park food cart has now grown into a national success.

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Five Guys appears to be gaining traction with the younger demographic, which likely helped the chain clinch the top spot. According to the poll, the Five Guys got an 81 percent familiarity rating among generation Z and millennials.

Among the top three choice chains, a common theme exists: they all use thin, seared patties, made of beef which is ground freshly every day as well as markedly soft buns.

Even Wendy's came in at number four helping to solidify this trend.

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All-in-all, diehard In-N-Out fans may have taken a hit this year, but there's no telling who will be at the top of the burger pryamid come 2018. While we wait, you can entertain yourself and your waistline by trying all of the burgers in the top 10!

Beginning at number ten, we've got : Steak 'n Shake; Smashburger; SONIC America's Drive-In; McDonald's; Whataburger; Culver's; Wendy's; Shake Shake; In-N-Out Burger; Five Guys Burgers and Fries

As we wait for next year's poll to land, enjoy these food porn-worthy photos of the top two contenders of 2017!

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