It's Now Legal To Smoke Weed In Las Vegas

On Saturday, July 1, Nevada legalized the sale and recreational use of cannabis, reports the Las Vegas SunThis makes Nevada the fifth American state to make weed legal after Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

Legalization for recreational use is also underway in Maine, Massachusetts and California. The change comes following the vote on November 8, 2016 asking voters in nine states to make their voices heard on the issue, after several pro-cannabis petitions had been circulating around the country.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

Anyway over age 21 can now purchase cannabis, but the quantity cannot exceed 28 grams per day (3.5 grams for liquids). It is still illegal to smoke in the street, and selling to minors or driving while under the influence of cannabis are also prohibited.

Local Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom, a big proponent of legalization, said he expected the state to make one million dollars over the weekend.

“This is a game-changer for Las Vegas and tourism here as far as I’m concerned.”

Thirty-eight dispensaries have already opened in "Sin City" and long lines formed in front of them all weekend, as you can see below at The Source.

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