Nazaré Big Wave Season Kicks Off With Giant Monster Swell

The little town of Nazaré, situated around a hundred kilometers to the north of Lisbon, Portugal, is a well-frequented destination for the bravest of surfers.

Every winter, the legendary spot sees hordes of professionals touch down to catch some of the biggest waves on the planet. In fact, it was here that Garret McNamara tackled the biggest wave ever surfed – a 30-meter-high swell – back in 2013.

Last weekend, Nazaré opened its doors to surfers from all around the world hoping for the perfect conditions with some waves stretching to 60 meters. 

It was up to Brazilian Carlos Burle to open up the season's festivities, tackling a monstrous wave on Saturday, October 21. His descent, captured by filmmaker Pedro Ramirez, seems to mark the start of a pretty special season in the Portuguese town. Check out the hair-raising clip below:

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